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Heart of Texas Records "30th Anniversary Collection" CD


Heart of Texas Records "30th Anniversary Collection" CD 00130
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Heart of Texas Records 30th Anniversary Collection $19.95 (Free Shipment in USA)

Disc One: 1. Johnny Bush “A Moment Isn’t Very Long” 2. Norma Jean “Let’s Go All The Way” 3. Joe Paul Nichols & Curtis Potter “I Miss My Mind The Most” 4. Kim Murray “She Did This To Me” 5. George Hamilton IV “To You And Yours” 6. Mona McCall “Till These Dreams Come True” 7. Tony Booth “Cold Brown Bottle” 8. Dallas Wayne “Eleven Roses” 9. Amber Digby “Another Man Loved Me Last Night” 10. Rance Norton “This Time I Won’t Cheat On Her Again” 11. Darrell McCall “Down The Road Of Daddy’s Dreams” 12. Landon Dodd “One Bar At A Time” 13. Chuck Hancock “Through The Eyes Of A Fool” 14. Guyanne McCall “Yesterdays News” 15. Frankie Miller “Its Not Easy” 16. Georgette Jones “The Race Is On” 17. Hank Thompson & Marty Stuart “Green Light” 18. Dottsy “It Should Have Been Easy” 19. Justin Trevino & Myra Rolen “Cheatin’ Overtime” 20. Mary Lou Turner “Love It Away”

Disc Two: 1. Loretta Lynn “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels” 2. Landon Dodd “Face The Music” 3. Darrell McCall “Fast As I Can Crawl” 4. Dottsy “After Sweet Memories, Play Born To Lose Again” 5. Floyd Tillman & Connie Smith “I Love You So Much It Hurts Me” 6. Ferlin Husky “I Feel Better All Over” 7. Tony Booth “Your Still In These Crazy Dreams Of Mine” 8. George Hamilton IV “West Texas Highway” 9. Diane McCall “Baby’s Not Home” 10. Curtis Potter “Sittin and Thinkin” 11. Bobby G. Rice “Pick Me Up On Your Way Down” 12. Johnny Bush “You Lied To Me” 13. Norma Jean “Satin Sheets” 14. Bobby Lewis “Doggone This Heartache” 15. Mona McCall “Amigos Guitar” 16. Dallas Wayne “See The Big Man Cry” 17. Tommy Hooker “Fraulein” 18. Mary Lou Turner “Since I Met You Baby” 19. Amber Digby “I’m Not Your Kind of Girl” 20. Joe Paul Nichols & Jimmy C. Newman “Louisiana Man”

Disc Three: 1. Hank Thompson & Vince Gill “A Six Pack To Go” 2. Amber Digby & Randy Lindley “We Loved It Away” 3. Landon Dodd “Same Ole Town” 4. Kim Murray “The Box That It Came In” 5. Tommy Hooker “Pride” 6. Diane McCall “I Got Mexico” 7. Justin Trevino “When She Does Me Right” 8. Kaye Tolson “Someday Soon” 9. Tony Booth “Its All Your Fault” 10. Georgette Jones “Your Good Girls Gonna Go Bad” 11. Curtis Potter “A Fool Such As I” 12. Darrell McCall “She’ll Unwine Me” 13. Chuck Hancock “Step Aside” 14. Norma Jean “Making Plans” 15. Rance Norton “Texas Honkytonk” 16. Ferlin Husky “I’ll Babysit With You” 17. Johnny Bush & Randy Rogers “All The Rage In Paris” 18. Frankie Miller “Too Hot To Handle” 19. Dottsy “Old Love Turned Memory” 20. George Hamilton IV “Falling Leaves”

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