Heart of Texas Country Music Artists 30 Second Tracks

Heart of Texas Records Album 30 Second Tracks

(Click the links below to go to a 30 second clip of each track. When finished, click the back arrow at the top of the browser to return to this page.)

Tony Booth Norma Jean Debbie Rule
  Cowboy Church Gospel Texas Girls
Greatest Hits Loneliest Star in Texas  
Old School Aged To Perfection Justin Trevino
    Before You Say Amen
The Survivors Country Jim
Justin Trevino & The Quebe Sisters
When A Man Loves a Woman Shuffles & Waltzes Justin Trevino Sings Johnny Bush
The Other Side of Love  Georgette Jones Live At London Dance Hall
The Keys In the Mail Box Strong Enough To Cry More Loud Music & Strong Wine
The Survivors II Bobby Lewis
Take One as Needed for Pain
  Here I Am Again  Too Many Heartaches
  Then & Now  Two Of the Usual
Johnny Bush Darrell McCall  Hank Thompson
  Hot Texas Country Hank Thompson & Friends
Texas On A Saturday Night Country From the Heart Treasures - Unreleased Songs of the 1950's
Reflections Survivors II
Who'll Buy My Memories Pictures Can't Talk Back Dallas Wayne
Lillie's White Lies Keeping With Tradition  Songs The Juke Box Taught Me
  A Way To Survive - All She Did Was Fall In Love  
  The Survivors  
George Chambers & The Country Gentlemen
Lily Dale - The Original Classic Recording Various Artists
Dance Time in Texas   Heart of Texas Gospel
  Guyanne McCall  Heart of Texas Honky Tonk
Amber Digby
In The Genes HOT Records 25th Anniversary Collection Disc 1
 Another Way To Live    HOT Records 25th Anniversary Collection Disc 2
Here Comes the Teardrops
Mona McCall
 Thanks A Lot Texas Troubadour - A Tribute to Earnest Tubb
Live at Swiss Alp Dance Hall Memories Love A Melody  
Music From the Honky Tonks    
Passion, Pride and What Might Have Been    
The World You're Living In Frankie Miller
  Live At The Louisana Hayride  
Amber Digby & Justin Trevino Wen Gas Was Thirdy Cents A Gallon  
Keeping Up Appearances    
  Kimberly Murray  
Dottsie A World Away  
Texas Sensation Another Day of Lonely  
Landon Dodd  Joe Paul Nichols  
Call of the Wine Friends in High Places  
What Comes Natural To a Fool The Best of - Volume Two  
  The Price is Right - My Tribute To Ray Price  
George Hamilton IV    
In the Heart of Texas Rance Norton
  Rance Norton  
George Hamilton IV - George Hamilton V  True Country  
Texas Cowboy Church    
  Curtis Potter  
 Tommy Hooker Chicago Dancin' Girls  
Texas Honky Tonk Favorites Down In Texas Today  
  Songs of the Cherokee Cowboy  
Ferlin Husky The Potter's Touch  
Live At The Louisiana Hayride Them Old Honky Tonks  
The Way It Was    
 Dave Kirby    
Is Anyboy Going To San Antone    

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